Symrise focuses on natural ingredients at in-cosmetics 2011, Milan

Symrise_LogoThis year at in-cosmetics, Symrise is placing nature at the center of its activities as its new natural extracts of echinacea, quinoa, pumpkin and many other plants show. The company will be featuring its botanical ingredients along with other new products from its R&D work at the trade fair in Milan March 29-31, 2011.
At in-cosmetics, the Life Essentials business unit at Symrise is focusing on an innovative botanical active ingredient with anti-aging properties as well as on its new vegetable and grain extracts. These products are Symrise’s response to the growing demand for natural ingredients.

  • SymFinity™1298
    SymFinity™1298 is a 100% natural active anti-aging substance that comes from Echinacea. SymFinity™1298 strengthens the skin cells’ resilience to stress, protects skin against environmental damage responsible for wrinkles and additionally prevents age spots and an uneven complexion. It is also an excellent anti-irritant and anti-oxidant. SymFinity™1298 thus has multifunctional cosmetic benefits. The natural active ingredient has shown convincing results in ex vivo studies.
  • Actipone® Superveggies
    Symrise has harnessed the beneficial properties of seven vegetables – artichoke, asparagus, beet, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach and zucchini ― for usein cosmetic products. These ingredients have a proven antioxidative effect.
  • Extrapone® Healthy Grains
    Symrise has expanded its range of Extrapone®, the successful series of botanical extracts, by adding a new collection of healthy grains. The portfolio now includes “Supergrains” – traditional grains such as amaranth, quinoa and khorasan wheat that are used for their care-giving properties.

In addition to these brand new ingredients, Symrise will attract in-cosmetics visitors with other products it has already successfully launched, including:

  • SymSitive® 1609
    An active ingredient for sensitive skin, SymSitive® 1609 soothes sensory skin irritations immediately. It is a breakthrough in caring for skin sensitivity, and it won the BSB innovation prize in 2010.
  • SymPeptide® 226EL
    These peptides strengthen eyelashes and make them appear longer and fuller.
  • SymHelios® 1031
    SymHelios® 1031 successfully protects the skin against long-term effects that result from UVB exposure and harmful environmental impacts such as smog or cigarette smoke.
  • SymMollient ® S and L
    Highly branched ester emollients with excellent skin feel and proven moisturizing benefits.
  • Frescolat® ML nat.
    This natural active ingredient gives the skin a long-term cooling effect without containing any alcohol or menthol.

Meet the Symrise experts and discover their newest product launches: in-cosmetics, March 29-31, 2011, booth R40