European Perfumery Federation meets for General Assembly at Cosmoprof Bologna

European Perfumery Federation meets for General Assembly at Cosmoprof Bologna. Last Thursday, members of the European Perfumery Federation (FEPD) met for their annual General Assembly at the prestigious Cosmoprof Bologna trade fair. This event provided a platform for discussions on the further development of the perfumery industry in Europe.

Cosmoprof Bologna as a stage for industry trends

Cosmoprof Bologna has been setting standards in the cosmetics industry for over 50 years, covering all segments from the supply chain to the end product. As an event organised by the BolognaFiere Group in partnership with Cosmetica Italia, Cosmoprof Bologna not only offers a major international trade fair with subsidiary events worldwide, but also acts as a trendsetter and springboard for new products and innovative solutions in the beauty industry.

FEPD: The voice of the European perfumery retail trade

Founded in 1960, the European Perfumery Federation is one of the first retail associations at European level and represents a large number of members, including national associations and international retail groups that are active in at least four European countries. FEPD promotes the interests of the perfumery retail sector at European level, particularly in a context of increasing internationalisation and the growing influence of European institutions.

Key topics of the General Assembly

The FEPD General Assembly focused on market developments in Europe, reports from the member countries, as well as a work and financial report for 2023 and planning for the current year 2024. Other important items on the agenda included the discharge of the Presidium and management, as well as discussions on partnerships with suppliers and professional training in the specialised trade. Delegates from various European countries, including Germany, France, Italy and Austria, were present and contributed to the diversity of perspectives.

European Perfumery Federation meets for General Assembly – Outlook

The General Assembly of the FEPD ensured a lively exchange and active co-operation between the leaders of the perfumery retail sector. “All important decisions affecting the European trade are made in Brussels today,” explains Elmar Keldenich, Director of the European Perfumery Federation and Managing Director of the German member organisation. With its clear agenda and targeted action plans, the FEPD is endeavouring to continue to lead the industry successfully into the future and to meet the requirements of a constantly changing European market.

[Text/Picture: FEPD]