Le Jardin du Parfumeur opened at the Palace of Versaille

Le Jardin du Parfumeur opened at the Palace of Versaille. On May 30, 2023, the Palace of Versailles opened to the public “Le Jardin du Parfumeur”, a new and unique place in the heart of the Trianon estate. Hundreds of perfume-making plants, cultivated in the spirit of the 17th-century Trianon Gardens, will help keep alive awareness of the history of fragrances at the Court of Versailles. The new area was created with the support and under the auspices of the perfume house Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Le Jardin du Parfumeur at the Palace of Versaille opens in the tradition of the 17th century.

In the 17th century, when Louis XIV commissioned the construction of the Trianon de Porcelaine, which was replaced by the Trianon de Marbre in 1687, flowers were in vogue, and the gardens of the Trianon were flooded with heady, fragrant flowers: jasmine, tuberose and hyacinth. The gardens, which exuded a beguiling fragrance, featured a garden design that allowed for year-round flowering period.

The court of Versailles became the cradle of perfume craftsmanship and the art of perfumery

In parallel, perfumes were developed at the Court of Versailles, which became the cradle of perfume craftsmanship and the art of perfumery from the late 17th century. Master perfumers strove to provide rulers and courtiers with increasingly sophisticated products, from perfumes and sachets to scented gloves and fans.
With the advent of personal hygiene in the 18th century, cosmetics experienced a boom. Perfumery as an art and a profession became a trend and attracted more and more specialists, including Claude-
François Prévost, perfumer to Marie-Antoinette.

“Le Jardin du Parfumeur” – was created with the support of Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Located next to the Châteauneuf Orangerie, the Perfumer’s Garden – in French “Le Jardin
du Parfumeur” – was created with the support of the patronage of Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
and will showcase hundreds of flowering plant species: Traditional plants (rose, jasmine), essences that give off unexpected aromas (chocolate, apple), fragrant species and “silent” or silent flowers such as hyacinth, peony and violet. These do not release fragrance that can be used in the Perfumery, although they have a clearly identifiable scent. Therefore, perfumers are required to synthetically recreate their scents.

Garden consists of three areas

The Perfumer’s Garden consists of three areas with clearly defined identities: “The Garden of Curiosities” in front of the Orangery, where most of the floral essences are united; “Under the Trees” with its flowering avenue of Japanese cherry trees; and “The Secret Garden” with its intimate atmosphere. From May 30, 2023, a series of guided tours and workshops will be offered to the general public, school groups, students and associations to discover Versailles in a new light.

Francis Kurkdjian has always been closely associated with the Palace of Versailles

Since the age of twenty-four, Francis Kurkdjian’s life path has been closely linked to the Palace of Versailles. Years later, as a graduate of the Versailles Perfumery School, he created a replica of Marie-Antoinette’s “Sillage de la Reine” perfume, drawing inspiration from archival documents.
From the first time he met his business partner Marc Chaya in 2003, he spoke of his vision: to recreate the serenity of the riotous celebrations of the Sun King, who once perfumed the pools and fountains in the gardens of Versailles. In 2006, Francis and Marc put their heads together to design and produce the “Soleil de Minuit” fragrance installation for the Versailles Off 2006 festival. On the first floor of the Orangerie, the scent of orange blossoms spread, while the pool’s water was bathed in a flaming shade of mandarin.

Francis Kurkdjian had already created the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes for Versailles in 2007 and 2008

For the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes in 2007 and 2008, Francis Kurkdjian created another olfactory experience in the heart of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Sixteen bubble machines enveloped visitors in thousands of bubbles scented with strawberry, pear and melon – the favorite fruits of Louis XIV. Francis Kurkdjian also created the fragrance installations “Chutt… d’Eau” and “Le Roi Danse,” which were placed in the Park of the Three Fountains and the Park of the Ballroom, respectively.

Le Jardin du Parfumeur – New embodiment of the French art of living and craftsmanship.

In 2009, Francis Kurkdjian and Marc Chaya co-founded Maison Francis Kurkdjian, which is now part of the LVMH Group. Together, they design sensual, opulent and multi-faceted fragrance experiences where freedom of expression is paramount, working hand in hand to create a new embodiment of the French art of living and craftsmanship. In 2022, Maison Francis Kurkdjian became the proud patron of the Perfumer’s Garden project, continuing its commitment to supporting the Palace of Versailles.

[Text: epcnews/Photos: Maison Francis Kurkdjian]