European Perfumery Association meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany

Andrea Malinverno
Andrea Malinverno, President of the European Association of Perfumery Retailers FEPD

The European Perfumery Retail Association Fédération Européenne des Parfumeurs Détaillants (FEPD) met last weekend for its annual general meeting.

For the first time at the new location of the European Secretariat in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Delegates of the European perfume associations discussed under the chairmanship of President Andrea Malinverno, Como, Italy, important issues regarding the European perfumery retail trade.

The relationship with suppliers and competition law issues were just as much in focus, such as current consultation by the European Commission, reports from member countries and association compliance rules.

The next session of the European Perfumery Retail Association will take place in March in Bologna, Italy.

[Text/Photo: FEPD]