Symrise opens new creative centre for luxury perfumery in Dubai

Symrise opens new creative centre for luxury perfumery in Dubai. On 30 October 2023, Symrise opened Jardin Arabia, its new creative centre for luxury perfumery in the heart of Dubai. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the fragrance manufacturer in the Middle East. The elegant and inspiring collaboration centre is located in Internet City, Dubai’s innovation district, and very close to the famous Palm Quarter. It symbolises Symrise’s expertise in the luxury fragrance market and takes the company’s creative approach to a new level.

Symrise opens new creative centre for luxury perfumery in Dubai

With the opening of Jardin Arabia, Symrise further expands its strategic presence in the dynamic fragrance market in the Middle East. At the grand opening ceremony, Symrise Fine Fragrance Perfumers Théo Belmas, Margherita Carini, Senior Perfumer Philippine Courtière, Master Perfumer Loc Dong, Head of Global Fine Fragrance Julianne Pruett, VP Global Fragrance Ricardo Omori, President Global Fragrance Eder Ramos and other team members warmly welcomed customers, media representatives and other guests. The name “Jardin Arabia” pays homage to the region and the elegant building structure. At the same time, it symbolises the central location at the interface between Europe and Asia.

Jardin Arabia emphasises commitment to partners – interface between Europe and Asia

“Jardin Arabia underlines our strong commitment to drive our business forward and support our partners in the region. With this service-orientated approach, Symrise is expanding its capabilities and is both innovative and forward-thinking,” says Ricardo Omori, VP Global Fragrance.
Unique and inspiring environment Exchange of ideas and shared creativity

The space, with its picturesque atrium, is located on the elegant Office Park Building in the heart of Dubai. The modern and inviting design creates a warm atmosphere and offers guests a unique and inspiring environment for the exchange of ideas, collaborative creativity and real-time solutions. In addition, the centre offers dedicated areas for creative art, olfactory culture and exclusive events. These range from perfume masterclasses and exchanges with perfumers to trend discussions and knowledge acquisition. Networking and knowledge exchange benefit from this. Symrise invites various guests to the Jardin Arabia. These include customers and perfume lovers as well as influencers and media partners. They can exchange ideas and be creatively inspired in the collaborative environment.

“Our meeting centre, Jardin Arabia, is strategically located in the heart of Dubai, between the Marina and the Palm Quarter, two stylish and vibrant districts. In this unique oasis, our partners and team members can break new ground and create the region’s next olfactory treasures together,” explains Julianne Pruett, Global Head of Fine Fragrance.

Symrise opens new creative centre – Jardin Arabia can already show first results

Jardin Arabia can already show its first results. Participants at the opening ceremony explored two new de Laire bases, Oud Onyx and Patchouli Mineral, during an olfactory journey through Symrise’s creations. At the same time, they got to know Narjes Nourredine, an artist specialising in Arabic calligraphy, and her creative work. Nourredine is admired throughout the region for her extraordinary way of expressing herself. She crosses boundaries and celebrates the traditional art form, recharging it. She often contributes to official exhibitions that showcase both Arabic calligraphy and traditional poetry. Nourredine embodies the values that Symrise also believes in – cherishing and nurturing one’s heritage to create a powerful legacy.

Oud Onyx – an imaginative interpretation of the oud theme

Alienor Massenet and Margherita Carini have imaginatively interpreted the theme of oud and created a fragrant homage to the wood that is so popular and typical of the GCC region. Its history goes back to the time of the Silk Road. To this day, oud remains an important and popular ingredient for the perfume industry. This fascinating raw material has also established itself as a magical ingredient on the markets in the USA, Asia and Europe.

The de Laire base Oud Onyx emphasises the dark facets of oud and interprets the mysterious ingredient from the Middle East in a modern way. The perfume duo emphasises the cold and sharp minerality of ambergris and has thus created a magmatic oud. Margherita Carini and Aliénor Massenet fuse the fragrance Ambrostar® and its long-lasting and strong impression of dry amber with the modern and edgy Flowerpool®. An interplay of elements that celebrates the heritage of Arabia and reveals its secrets.

“The De Laire bases have a special meaning for me. They embody the heritage of Symrise and its strong roots in fine fragrance. Aliénor and I wanted to fuse the Middle Eastern tradition with our extensive expertise. We created a new, unique oud signature with Oud Onyx DL and added the vibrancy of Ambrostar® and Flowerpool®. A worthy composition for our style-defining DeLaire collection,” explains Margherita Carini, perfumer at Symrise in Dubai.

Patchouli Minéral – challenge of modernising a very well-known perfume ingredient

A new trend in the fragrance industry is working with fresh and striking scents that play with long-scented woody components and sharp minerality. Symrise perfumers Théo Belmas and Loc Dong have taken up this challenge and developed a new de laire base. They were inspired by one of perfumery’s style-defining ingredients: high-quality patchouli from Madagascar with its structured and velvety essence.

The new de Laire base Patchouli Minéral embodies a timeless and refined patchouli, characterised by the surprising mineral freshness of ambergris. This base fuses patchouli Madagascar with the light and dark aspects of Sympep®. It plays with the light minerality of Ambrostar® and reveals its electric sharpness. The exquisite base note combines glamour, elegance, liveliness and contrasting elements.

“Patchouli Minéral DL was born from the challenge of modernising a very well-known perfume ingredient, patchouli. This creation adds a fresh woody base to the collection of de Laire bases. It utilises the outstanding quality of patchouli Madagascar. The joint creation explores new olfactory territories and combines patchouli with Ambrostar® and Sympep®. The boundaries between wood and amber are blurred, creating a salty, mineral and intense new de Laire base,” explains Théo Belmas, perfumer at Symrise.

[Text: epcnews/Picture: Symrise]