Symrise to concentrate on nature-identical alpha-bisabolol to protect and preserve the rainforest

Symrise_LogoSymrise has decided to stop harvesting natural bisabolol from the candeia tree that grows in the Brazilian rain forest. As the sustainable supply of candeia oil can no longer be guaranteed, the company will in future focus on the production of highly pure nature-identical bisabolol: Dragosantol® and Dragosantol® 100.

This decision forms part of Symrise’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Sustainability is an integral part of its management principles. The company has been fulfilling its environmental responsibilities for many years by only selling natural bisabolol from sustainable sources, thereby protecting the native candeia tree as a natural resource.

alpha-bisabolol is an essential soothing ingredient in many personal care products for sensitive skin and hair and for baby care. The natural active substance is derived from the oil of the candeia tree (Vanillosmopsis erythropappa), which grows in the south-east and mid-west of Brazil in the Mata Atlantica forest. The tree is under threat in Brazil because its natural environment is constantly shrinking. Around 20,000 m³ of candeia wood are needed every year to cover global demand for candeia oil, according to an estimate by LAVRAS University.

By replacing natural alpha-bisabolol with nature-identical, synthetic alphabisabolol in its product portfolio, Symrise is now making an additional contribution to limiting the deforestation of the endangered Atlantic rainforest in Brazil. The use of Dragosantol® 100 means that even fewer candeia trees need to be felled.

“As the largest supplier of alpha-bisabolol, we are well aware of our responsibility and clearly commit ourselves to safeguarding the Brazilian rainforest,” says Véronique Maurin, Global Product Director Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise. “For us, this means making an active contribution to society and the environment.”

Symrise is the leading manufacturer of synthetic alpha-bisabolol with its Dragosantol® and Dragosantol® 100 products. Dragosantol® 100 is currently the purest synthetic alpha-bisabolol on the market and is the best alternative to natural bisabolol. Symrise is the only company able to produce alpha-bisabolol of such high purity. Both grades of the nature-identical bisabolol reduce skin irritations and thereby provide highly effective help against inflammation of the skin.

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