Scented creations of young talents: Symrise appoints six new perfumers

The head of the Symrise perfumery school, Marc vom Ende, Senior Perfumer
Head of the Symrise perfumery school: Marc vom Ende, Senior Perfumer

Half an hour of examination, three to four months of preparation and four years of training went by before six young scent creators received their Perfumer diploma. Achim Daub, President Scent & Care, acknowledged the masterpieces of Alexandra Carlin and Jerry Padoly from Paris, Lena Quay from Singapore, Isaac Sinclair from Sao Paulo, Marcus Betzer from Holzminden and Nathalie Ananou from Teterboro, all Symrise locations. He told them: “We are very proud to award this certificate to six young people who deeply immersed themselves into the world of Symrise and its scents. We need young talents such as you to further develop our expertise and manifest our position among the leading fragrance houses. We are looking forward to work with you and are curious for the results to come.”

As diversified and cosmopolitan the examinees and their backgrounds are as multifaceted were their masterpieces. The young people from France, Singapore, Martinique, New Zealand and Germany were given the task to create an application illustrating the theme “regain control – it’s my life”. All six interpreted the topic in their very own individual and creative style. Among them were fine fragrances and boosting accords, detergents with a twist of tangerine, shampoos, shower gels, lip balms with exotic fruits, and many more. The young perfumers had to present their creation and demonstrate that they were able to explain and defend all aspects of their formula it in front of a critical audience.

The examination board consisted of three Master Perfumers, two Senior Perfumers and several representatives from Symrise Scent & Care top management. The jury put great emphasis on the creativity, the individual style and the ability to formulate using Symrise raw materials. All this, the young perfumers had to demonstrate with their masterpiece.

„I want to become the best perfumer in Asia,” Lena Quay says, “I have started my career with Symrise and feel very passionate about it. I treasure the loyalty of my colleagues and the support I receive from all the other perfumers helping me to find my way. I’ve always had a strong liking for scents and it makes me proud if I can show my family and friends one of my own creations.”

Beatrice Favre-Bulle, Senior Vice President Fragrance Creation Home & Personal Care adds: “For us, it is very important to train our own perfumers. Therefore, we are starting with a new course right now, in May 2011. The head of our perfumery school, Marc vom Ende, Senior Perfumer, will guide the prospective perfumers throughout their education. They will start by acquiring knowledge of raw materials, bases and basic accords, and then learn to understand fine fragrances archetypes together with increasingly complex accords. To build proficiency in home and personal care fragrances as well as in applied perfumery also belongs to their schedule. After two years, they will start participating in projects and develop an individual creative style. A period of study abroad completes the Perfumery School program, with the purpose of giving exposure to a different culture as well as deepening other markets and consumers understanding”.

[Text: Symrise, Photo: epcNEWS]