Safe skin care for children: Hydrolite® 6 from Symrise – alternative to parabens

Symrise_LogoAt the end of 2010, the Danish government announced to ban parabens in cosmetic products for children under the age of three. Hydrolite® 6 from Symrise offers an alternative to manufacturers of skin care products for children. Hydrolite® 6 boosts the preservative efficacy of mild organic acids such as potassium sorbate and dehydroacetate, making the use of parabens unnecessary.

Children’s skin reacts particularly sensitive. It requires special protection. The Danish government’s initiative to ban propyl and butyl paraben from lotions and other skin care products for children under the age of three adopts this premise. The relevance of ingredients that are safe to health has occurred to consumers in other countries too.

Hydrolite® 6 from Symrise qualifies as an alternative to preservatives and makes the use of controversial preservatives such as parabens unnecessary. The symrise ingredient may for instance be combined with mild organic acids like potassium sorbate and dehydroacetate to offer a skin-friendly alternative. Formulators may also use low levels of other preservatives to preserve their products well..

Other advantages are: Hydrolite® 6 is proven to increase skin’s moisture content. Nearly odourless and colourless, it is suitable for most cosmetic systems. The ingredient is soluble in water and many cosmetic esters. It remains stable even in extreme temperatures and pH values, and does not affect the stability of emulsions. The active ingredient may be added to lotions, creams, and hair care products. And there is more to Hydrolite® 6: It complies with the cosmetic provisions from the US, Europe, Japan and China, including the new Danish regulations.

Ravikumar Pillai, Global Product Director Actives Symrise Life Essentials, explains: „The initiative started by the Danish government on paraben-free skin care products for children confirms that we pursue the right path with our high quality ingredients that support health and well-being. Owing to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and our employees’ expertise, we develop cuttingedge cosmetic ingredients such as Hydrolite® 6. In particular, we thereby include consumers’ desire for both skin-friendly as well as highly active ingredients. Here we intend to maintain creating highlights in the future.”

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