Ducati Fight For Me – Perfume Premiere in Rome

Perfume Holding CEO, Enrico Ceccato and Vice President Marketing Brigitte Wormser
Perfume Holding CEO, Enrico Ceccato and Vice President Marketing Brigitte Wormser

The new fragrance by the Italian motorcycle legend Ducati called “Fight for Me” has been presented in Rome. Speaking to representatives of the international press and many Italian celebrities, Enrico Ceccato, CEO of the Italian perfumer Christophe Reynaud Perfume Holding, explained the concept behind the launch:

Ducati stands for sportiness combined with force, technical perfection and Italian design like almost no other brand, but it also stands for fun, competition and freedom. The new fragrance picks up on these attributes and transfers them to the product. Starting with the name of the product, this follows through to the communications and packaging and on to the fragrance.

Christophe Raynaud
The Perfumer: Christophe Raynaud

The Perfume

The scent starts off then, as might be expected, with the energy of intense citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot combined with the fruity aroma of red apples and the freshness of soft violet leaves.

This is followed by lavender at the heart of the scent, geranium with a tangy touch of amber, sandalwood and rosewood as well as soft moss tones to round off the fragrance.

This composition is not a coincidence. Even the composition reflects the image of a Ducati, says the perfumer, Christophe Reynaud. The scent is like a motorbike taking off, the red of the paintwork is reflected in the apple note, chrome in the silver leaves of the geranium and the character of male freedom in amber, wood and moss.

The perfumer Christophe Raynaud from the Givaudan region is not an unknown figure in the industry. In the past he has been responsible for successful fragrances such as ‘One Million’ by Pacco Rabanne.

The Bottle

Powerful, modern, silver and red, these words describe the main characteristics of the Ducati brand and all its attributes are reflected in the packaging. Starting with the shiny red box, through to the bottle shaped like an accelerator handle with its perfect fit for the fingers and palm, to the cap made from corrugated chrome.

Thiboud Tauru
The Face: Thiboud Tauru

The Face

The face of the campaign matches the product perfectly. Thiboud Tauru made the hearts of the females at the launch beat faster with his strong male charisma and intense green eyes.

The new Ducati fragrance is aimed at the lifestyle segment. The target market consists mainly of young consumers between the ages of 15 and 25 and the bridge market will be used as the distribution channel. Distribution is to be managed through the company Perfume Holding and the German distributor is the company ITF in Munich.

[Text/Photos: EPCnews]