Beauty from the garden – Symrise introduces Superveggies for cosmetics products

The trend is holding steady: cosmetic products that contain active ingredients from botanical sources are still very much in demand among consumers. But popular fruits like pomegranate are not the only things with a positive effect: different kinds of vegetables can also have a meaningful impact on our wellbeing and beauty.

With its new Superveggies product portfolio, Symrise is now expanding its range of natural active ingredients for cosmetics. Symrise is harnessing the power of vegetables for the new line of botanical active ingredients it has developed: Actipone® Superveggies now allow cosmetic products to take advantage of the healthy properties of asparagus,
broccoli and others. These liquid and water-soluble substances are perfect for many cosmetic products such as shower gels, shampoos and face creams.

But what makes Superveggies so remarkable? “Vegetables like broccoli and artichoke are rich in vitamins and minerals,” states Manfred Axterer, Global Product Director Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise. “You do good things for your health when you eat lots of them. The active substances in vegetables help bind free radicals in our cells, which means they play a major part in health protection. At the same time, their antioxidative effects are also very beneficial in beauty products, since among other things they counteract the premature aging of the skin.”
The portfolio of Actipone® Superveggies includes seven different kinds of vegetables. “We have linked the Superveggies to the four seasons to demonstrate their versatile uses and the many potential applications they have,” explains Diane Lanfranchi, working in Global Product Management Botanicals at Symrise. “Asparagus and spinach reflect the regenerative and cleansing nature of the spring, while zucchini and artichoke are perfect for summer products that refresh and firm the skin. In the fall, our need for strengthening and fortifying is met by broccoli and beet root. And in winter pumpkin is ideal for rich and comforting care products.” The formulations are complemented by fresh and natural Symrise fragrances.

The Superveggies range is Symrise’s newest addition to its successful Actipone® series, which is based on natural ingredients and whose efficacy has been proven by scientific tests. “Superveggies are the perfect extension to the Actipone® Superfruits line we launched about a year ago. Superveggies are another way for us to respond to the international demand for natural and effective ingredients,” says Manfred Axterer.

[Text/Photo: Symrise]