Symrise at the Biotechnica 2011 – Going where Nature Leads for Sustainable Fragrances and Flavors

Symrise_LogoSymrise exhibits at Biotechnica, the leading trade show for biotechnology and life sciences, in Hanover from October 11-13. At booth C80 in hall 9, visitors can learn how microorganisms and enzymes help produce fragrances, flavors, and functional ingredients from renewable resources. In a presentation on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the company also explains how it integrates sustainability into its corporate strategy.
Developing innovative products requires investing in research and development. Due to diminishing resources and growing environmental awareness, basic research on biotechnological processes and renewable resources is becoming increasingly important.
The development of fragrances and flavors based on renewable resources has played a major role at Symrise ever since. This is reflected in the company’s CSR approach. Symrise is presenting both at the Biotechnica in Hanover from October 11-13, 2011. Using specific examples, the Holzminden-based company will show how it conserves natural resources by developing cutting edge processes for producing fragrances, flavors, and functional ingredients. A presentation on how CSR manifests itself in a multinational corporation will round off the company’s trade fair activities.
At booth C80 in hall 9, interested visitors can get familiar with the current results of Symrise’s research on white biotechnology.
In the area of fragrances, Symrise is researching multiple projects and has plenty of progress to report. An example is the company’s ability to produce aroma molecules based on renewable resources using biotechnological processes. They are biodegradable and well-suited for use in perfumes. And they also conserve threatened natural resources.
In the area of functional ingredients for foods, the company is concentrating on so called flavonoids, a group of natural colors, among other projects. These fla-vonoids can have positive health effects. In an effort to produce these ingre-dients in an environmentally-friendly manner, Symrise is researching biocatalytic production processes. They do not produce undesired byproducts and save on energy.
Dr. Jens-Michael Hilmer, Director Pilot Plant Natural Flavor Production at Symrise, sums up: “Natural raw materials traditionally play a major role in flavor and nutrition. In order to produce these ingredients while also conserving re-sources and protecting the environment we are researching suitable biotechnological processes. The results have encouraged us to continue with our efforts.”
“Demand for sustainable products and processes is continually growing,” adds Dr. Helmut Frieden, Corporate Vice President Corporate Compliance at Symrise. “Our corporate strategy includes investing in such solutions and processes. This is reflected in the focus of our two divisions on health and nutri-tion as well as care and skin protection. Wherever possible, we integrate our CSR measures into our operations. After all, sustainability affects everyone.”

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