L’Oréal Executive Committee: Two changes effective from the 1st October

Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has announced two changes to the Group’s Executive Committee, effective from the 1st October 2011: the creation of the position of Managing Director, Africa, Middle East Zone, entrusted to Geoff Skingsley, and the appointment of Jérôme Tixier as Managing Director, Human Resources.
The creation of the position of Managing Director, Africa, Middle East Zone meets the L’Oréal Group’s desire, as part of its strategy to acquire one billion new customers, to
accelerate its expansion in countries with high population growth rates and significant longterm economic potential.

Geoff Skinsgley has been entrusted with this new position. Since joining L’Oréal in 1986 he has headed up a number of the Group’s businesses and countries, including the Netherlands, the UK and India where he laid the foundations for L’Oréal. As Managing Director, Human Resources for the past seven years he has made a major contribution to HR policy development and modernisation by setting up systems and processes to procure greater efficiency and equity.

Jérôme Tixier is to succeed Geoff Skingsley. With L’Oréal since 1980, he has had a rich and varied career in the Group’s businesses, brands and divisions. He has successively held the positions of Internal Auditor, Sales Manager at Biotherm, Administrative and Finance Manager of the Professional Products Division in France and Managing Director for Kérastase. In 1993 he joined Human Resources, taking responsibility for the Professional Products Division and then, in 1999, the Consumer Products Division where he created the International Brand Departments. As an expert in the Group and its talent, in 2007 he was appointed Adviser to the Chairman, responsible particularly for linking with the Board of Directors on human resource and governance issues.

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